For Hire

Digital and Tradicional art

Digital Art

Digital art can be classified into three types, each type with different prices.

  • Black and white drawings simulating the traditional inks.

  • Black and white with shades of gray.

  • Colors

The prices vary according to the degree of difficulty of the images.

Art will be made in TIFF or PSD format in size between 300 and 600dpis, the contractor determines these parameters.

On the pages the prices are fixed

  • Only inks

  • Full pages (colored)

P.S - I'm only working with digital page

Tradicional Art

The original artwork can be made in two formats A3 (11x17) and A4 (9x12).
at the moment I'm only working with pencil art.

  • Shipping

The shipping price will be agreed in the negotiations.

International shipping will be done with USPS International First Class Mail. Delivery usually takes 2 to 4 weeks after shipment. It may take additional time, depending on the speed of your country's postal and customs services. International shipments may incur additional customs fees, which are the responsibility of the recipient.


Digital ArtPriceExtra Character
Blank And White Drawing$100$15
Black and white with shades of gray.$120$20

Tradicional ArtPriceExtra Character
Pencil A3$150$20
Pencil A4$85$15

Page full (colored)$160


  • What is the proprietorship right of the pictures you draw?

The image is the contractor's right, as long as he uses it for the purpose determined in the contract, if he wishes to use it in another purpose than what is in the contract, he must make another agreement that determines a percentage in royalties for the artist.

Antipus can use the image in your online galleries, in the form of a portfolio.

  • How much time does it take to draw each illustration?

The time will be determined according to the degree of difficulty of the image, it can vary between 1 and 7 days. That time can increase mediate to day to day unforeseen events